A lot of things popped into our head

A lot of things popped into our head

One thing in this project I’m not sold on is the name Crowdscriber.  I’d like it better if it were just Crowdscribe (sans “r”), but that domain name is taken. I figured it would be worth it to ask Avenue if they had any input and John Geletka setup a naming session with Shachar Meron.  Shachar took us through an exercise where we divided naming into several columns, we started listing off synonyms for “crowd” and adjectives/verbs for transcribe.  We ended up with a whole lot more than I expected. He did a great job making us really ponder not only our product but more importantly our audience.  Hats off to Shachar!

Naming is tricky. It’s a constant balancing act between “too literal” and “too abstract”. In my mind I want a person to be able to hear our product name and possibly a brief description of how it works and be able draw some connection between the name and its purpose. Twitter is a prime example of an excellent name. Twitter is something a bird does, and typically it’s a stream of chatter, exactly what Twitter the product facilitates.  Not to mention you can create a verb from their name, the default action on Twitter is to “tweet”. So I’d really like to explore our options before completely committing to a name.  I consider Crowdscriber to be a working title for now, unless we can think of something better.

Next steps will be to combine some of these terms and market test them. Don’t be surprised if you get an email from me in the near future asking you to rate your favourite names 🙂

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  1. eBay, Amazon, and Google while not apps are services that have no literal connection to what they provide. PayPal, Facebook, Songza are alluding to it while SnapChat is a very literal interpretation. If the product is gangbusters and revolutionary I think you can call it “XYZ” or “Blarg” and it will generate buzz and market itself.

    Short and catchy are staples in the marketing game. In most cases targeting an app name is a crap shoot. Extensible or expandable services probably don’t want to be pigeonholed or “type-cast” by a name but apps pretty much need instant recognition of what they might do and be very memorable(and searchable!). I don’t know what your app/services does but I’ll just let you know now that “ExWhyZee” is trademarked. So don’t even think about it! 😉

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      • I would have a name for you but I couldn’t make out what the presenter in the video was saying so I still don’t know what the service provides. I wish there was a product somewhere that could transcribe the audio portion of this video into text for me to read. If there were I would call it something like “VideoScribe”, “VeeScribe”, “Scribbler”, “VScrawler” “Victation” “Dicto-Vid” “StenoMob”, “V2T”, “Veenie” (letting the Video Genie out of the bottle), “SoundScribe”, “SoundScrawl”, “FirstWord”, “YouWord” (youtube for words) “MobWriter”, “WordUp!”, “YouPen”(This is catchy and tie in to youtube but doesn’t market for other video services). I’d also look at synonyms for “Scribe”. Scribe to me is someone who pens books or new content but that’s just me.

      • Oh I forgot the classic Jeopardy category, “Pen Is Mightier”


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