Craig W. Tataryn

Summary of Experience

Craig Tataryn started his career as a Visual Basic programmer, but don’t hold that against him! The system he helped create was a cutting edge, n-tiered revenue collection system whose transactions per second metric was off the charts! Around the year 2000 he discovered web development with Struts and never looked back. A professional Java developer for a decade, Craig has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from Recruiting, Purchase order, Revenue collection and Mortgage systems. More recently Craig has written web services for children’s educational toys and has honed his skills on Scala, Java, Wicket, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, CXF application development. “I love to learn and more importantly I love to teach. Hoarding knowledge is one of the most petty and selfish things you can do, especially as a contractor. This is why I always make it a point to document and share my knowledge with my client’s employees

Project Experience

Grind Software Inc.

Develop and deliver iOS and Android mobile applications for various clients. Developed
the concept and architecture for Crowdscriber, a crowd-sourced transcription and
translation SaaS customized for YouTube content.

The Property Registry of Manitoba – Teranet

As lead Java Architect of the CSI (Customer Service Initiative), architected, developed
and managed a set of public-facing applications geared toward generating revenue by
providing access to and generation of various document-based products. Technology
employed include the Single Page Application framework Ember.js backed by Restful
web services and Adobe Livecycle.

The Gap

Functioned as part of a Store-To-Cloud initiative, brining together an automated
deployment system for Gap Inc. retail outlets across North America & International using
the Chef framework and Ruby

Investors Group

Software Architect and Developer for account holdings self-service web application. Software developer for Fee & Account Administration system.

Manitoba Lotteries

Architected and Developed a Player Management and Loyalty Registration system utilizing CXF, Hibernate/JPA, Camel & Mule

Morgan Stanley

Lead Web Services developer and Architect for a web-based Capital Budgeting software project.  Designed as a REST based system with Adobe Flex front-end, it serves as the forecasting and planning tool for Major Technology Expenditures at Morgan Stanley.  Designed, implemented and integrated new architecture and technology set with existing services.  Web Services were implemented as Spring Web REST components using customized Castor OXM components.  Database access was kept simple, using iBatis to map data to and from a suite of Oracle PL/SQL views and stored procedures. Created a Scala-based iBatis->SpringJDBC conversion tool.


Contracted to deliver rich iOS application experiences for Ratchet’s variety of clients.  NDA restricts me from disclosing the details of the clients involved and the applications written, however they are all publicly traded companies who are leaders of their domain.

Great West Life Assurance

Directed Java development efforts and project setup for HL7 based Web Services that provide Submission and Processing of Provider generated insurance claims.  Great West Life (GWL) and its partner Telus Health Services (THS) embarked on a project to expand the types of providers (e.g. Physio/Chiro, Massage, Vision Care) who are able to provide real time adjudication of treatment claims for their clients.  Using HL7, an international standard for health care related messaging, a set of Web Services was created using CXF to handle SOAP requests with HL7 payload and addressing.  The Web Services dispatch claim requests through a service and data layer that communicates with back-end Main Frame processes via DB2 stored procedure calls and CICS web service invocations.  Intimate knowledge of CXF was attained including submitting patches to the Apache Foundation for inclusion in versions 2.2.5-2.2.7 of CXF during this project.

ICI Glidden Paints

Developed a community based website for Glidden’s Freshaire line of VOC-free paints. The site allows users the ability to login and choose color palettes for home improvement projects which demonstrate their use of the Freshaire colors.  Users browse existing projects and rate them, add comments and save them as “inspirations” for their own projects.  During the creation of a project users create a custom palette from the Freshaire color scheme, upload photos and describe what they are attempting to achieve in their project.

The website was developed using Wicket, Spring and Hibernate by taking an existing prototype of visuals and content created by a third party agency.  The site makes heavy use of AJAX and really showed off the strengths of Wicket which allowed the agency to edit and revise their html and flash content without affecting our development during all phases of the project.

Leap Frog

Designed and developed Java web services as part of the Leap Frog Data Services team.  Our web services were built using Spring and CXF operating within Mule ESB; offering both REST and SOAP interfaces.  The primary purpose of the web services were to offer a rich set of services for the company’s UPCApp: the RIA program which is installed on customer’s desktop to manage the various devices the company had to offer.  Devices include Tag, Leapster 2, Crammer and Didj children’s educational toys for which the services manage everything from User authentication and profile management, to game log parsing for data warehousing systems.

Investors Group

Designed and developed a mutual fund prospectus aggregation system that allows an Advisor to search for funds and add them to a shopping cart.  When the Advisor is ready to print prospectuses, the application prepares them into one easy-to-download PDF file.  The application uses: Struts with JSTL and Tiles; Spring; Hibernate with Oracle; and iText. During the span of this project, a number of stand-alone libraries were developed.  The libraries perform a broad range of functionality, including storing user session data in the database between visits to the site, handling PDF manipulation in a decoupled manner

from iText, and “Content Provision”. Content Provision allows the application to use fragments of HTML, images, and CSS prepared by an internal Marketing group without the need to bundle the resources directly into the war file.

Other projects included the maintenance of a legacy Visual Basic 6 Mortgage application as well as the creation of Java web applications for data entry

And much more…

Other Projects

Blog and Podcast

The Basement Coders
Podcast Editor and Cast Member

Open Source Contributions


The Five Days of Wicket project
Set of articles detailing of a Wicket application

The Scala Language Tour

Addressing the Scala FUD

Presentations and Conferences

Novemeber 2010 – Winnipeg Ruby User’s Group

– The Scala Language Tour

February 2011 – Winnipeg Code Camp

– The Scala Language Tour

March 2011 – The Server Side Java Symposium

– Evolving the Enterprise with Scala & Wicket

– Panel Discussion on Alternate JVM Languages

June 2011 – Prairie Developer Conference

– The Scala Language Tour

Oct 2011 – JavaOne – San Francisco

– The Scala Language Tour


Deliver training for VB.NET, C# and Java


Founder of the WfPG – The Winnipeg Functional Programming Group


  1. Bachelor of Science – Major: Computer Science, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
  2. Spring 3.0 Certified (able to lead training)
  3. Sun Java Certified Programmer (JCP)